PhotoMath App: Learn How to Use The App That Solves Mathematical Equations

The PhotoMath is one of the app that solves mathematical equations very quickly.
PhotoMath is the best camera calculator in the world! Point your camera to a math expression, and the photomath will instantly show the answer.

Join millions of users around the world and make your learning progress faster and more enjoyable.

If you get into a problem, use it to get help. Click on the step button and find a step-by-step solution! Check below to see the full list of supported math problems.

Students can use it as a tool for learning math, while parents can use it to quickly check their child's homework. With PhotoMath, you can include a math teacher in your pocket! 🙂

Photo Math currently supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and many other functions such as logarithms. Support for new math is constantly being added to new versions as we aim to make all math easier to learn.

The manuscript does not support the text, only the issues printed from the math textbooks.

PhotoMath is not completely magical (yet) and can detect a math problem that our app does not recognize. If this happens, please send us a feedback. With your help, our team of wizards will add new magic to the photo and make it even more magical in the future. :).

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PhotoMath is available for both Android and iOS  - the Windows Phone version was the first to come. The function of the application is basic: solving equations. Among them, arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, equation systems and functions as logarithms. For this, it has a camera-calculator and a mathematical keyboard.

When solving a problem, the app will show the way to the result - but, far from being a teacher, it does not pass in a didactic way. So, do not even think about skipping classes. Also, taking the application for a test is not worth it either, stay tuned.
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Here's how to use PhotoMath.

First step :

Download PhotoMath from the application store for your operating system. In this video, you can understand how it works before opening it.

solve mathematics equations

Second step :

Take a book or a notebook that contains the formulas you want to know the answer to. Open the app and point the camera to the equation. The answer should appear quickly. See, in this case, we look for the 3 + 1 response.
how to solve mathematics equations

Third step :

You can even manually include equations in "Keyboard". Or, by touching the three bars in the upper left corner, open the menu. It offers options like: show history, clear history, start camera, help and comments etc.

how to solve mathematics equations

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