Allow Downloads Of Files Blocked By Microsoft Edge

When it comes to the internet, security is always important. However, some protocols and systems sometimes create unnecessary barriers as we browse the web. If you use Microsoft Edge , you may have come across such a problem. In this tutorial, hashsecure shows you how to enable downloads of files that are barred by Microsoft's browser without need.

The SmartScreen tool (Windows Defender) often acts successfully and prevents malicious pages and files from invading your computer. However, there are times when this feature "goes overboard" and bar access to a file that you know is safe. And how do you avoid this?

How to Disable SmartScreen on Microsoft Edge
It is not recommended that you turn off the SmartScreen completely, just to prevent "intrusion" from a malicious application or file. But there's a way to disable the feature only in Microsoft's browser: just follow the steps below.

Open Microsoft Edge and click the three-dot button in the upper right corner;
Scroll down the menu to the bottom of the panel and click "Settings";
Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and click "View Advanced Settings";
Scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Settings screen and uncheck the "Help protect me from downloads and malicious sites with Windows Defender SmartScreen."

Ready! SmartScreen is now unlocked on your Microsoft Edge. But there's TecMundo's warning: download the file that was initially locked and then turn it back on, because SmartScreen really helps protect the system as you browse the web with Edge.
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