7+ Useful Tips To Improve Your PC Performance - Windows 10

Windows 10 Slow? Solutions Have here. how to speed up windows 10 laptop or pc. some of the best tips and tricks to speed up Windows and improve its performance. Despite all the rapid development, Windows machines slow down over time as they get bloated with programs and files. So, if you own a desktop or laptop is running Windows 10, chances are high you might regularly use the web to find guides on how to make Windows 10 faster and improve its performance.

1. Transparency

To support a more beautiful and modern layout, Windows 10 has the Start menu, Taskbar, and Transparent Action Center by default. This can make your PC a little slower. To disable this effect, go to "Settings", then "Start", select "Colors" and deselect "Leave the Start menu, Taskbar and Transparent Action Center" ( or simply "Transparency effects"). The change will be minimal, but it can help.

improve your windows PC's performance
2. Visual Effects

Go to "System" and then "Advanced system settings". Click on the "Advanced" tab and under "Performance", turn off visual effects.

improve your windows PC's performance

3. Disable programs that start up with the PC

Go to "Task Manager" and then on the "Start-up" tab, turn off all the programs you want. That way, your computer will power up faster.

speed up windows 10

4. Search for and troubleshoot

Windows 10 already comes with a troubleshooter that promises to solve most of the drawbacks. Open the "Control Panel" and select the "Security and Maintenance" option. Then click "Troubleshoot common computer problems".
speed up windows 10

5. Decrease the standby time at startup

When you turn on the PC, the boot menu is displayed for a few seconds before the system loads. It turns out you can shorten that time. To do this, open the "Control Panel" and then in "System", select the "Advanced System Options". Under "Start-up and Recovery," click "Settings" and change the time.

speed up windows 10

6. Cancel System Tip Notifications

Go to "Settings" and then "Notifications & Actions". Now just disable the "Get tips, tricks and tips on how to use Windows" option.
speed up windows 10

7. Uninstall useless programs

You only get a sense of so much useless programs on your machine when you see the list in Control Panel. To clean this amount, go to "Control Panel" and under "Programs" (Programs and Features), select the one (s) you want to remove with the right mouse button in the list; and then click "Uninstall."

speed up windows 10

8. Perform a disk cleanup.

This can improve (and greatly) your computer's performance, as well as free up space on the hard drive.

9. Less energy

Open the "Control Panel" and select the "Hardware and Sound" option. Then click on "Power Options" and select "Balanced".
speed up windows 10
10. Restart your computer

After everything is set up, restart the PC for the changes to be confirmed.
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