What is Paypal and How To Sign up For Paypal

do you want to know how to create a paypal account easily for indian users. here is the way to start paypal bussiness and individual account for indian users.

Paypal is an internationally operated financial institution, which helps people get payments from foreign currency (like- Dollars, Pound, Euro) into their home currency (Indian Rupee, INR). Since Facebook will send the payment in USD, it is only possible to get it through paypal. Paypal will convert it to INR and then it will get transferred to your local Bank account. Paypal will be used to receive earnings From Facebook research app refer and earn by applause. So, it is must to have a paypal accoount. Follow these simple steps to get a paypal account-
What is Paypal & How To Sign up For Paypal?

2. Select “For Shoppers” and “Next”.

3. Select Country “India”, Enter email address and chose a password.

4. On the next page, fill all details and verify your mobile number.

5. Then check your email and verify your email address.

6. Now, Login to PayPal.

7. Visit This Link to Link Your Bank account with Paypal.

8. Click on “Link Bank account” and give your Bank account number & IFSC Code.

9. Now Click on “Confirm is Next 4-6 days”.

10. Now, Paypal will send you two times money of amount anything between Rs 1.00 & Rs 1.50 in next 4-6 Days. Suppose they have sent Rs 1.44 & rs 1.37. Then Visit Here and click on Your bank account showing as “Confirmation Pending”.

11. Enter two small amounts you received in two boxes and click “Confirm”.

12. Done! You have successfully linked your bank account with PayPal.

Now, It is mandatory to Link Your PAN Card number in order to get Facebook payments.

2. Enter your 10 Digit PAN number and click “Submit”.

3. Done.

If you don’t have a PAN card, you will get the payment into your paypal wallet. In order to withdraw this money to your bank account, You have to provide PAN number. You can apply for PAN Card Online from here and you will get it within 15 Days.

in the case of Facebook Research:- 
Note- If you have accidentally registered For facebook research app using email address other than that of your already registered paypal account, then Just Visit This Link  & Login to your main Paypal account->Scroll down and Click on (+) in Email addresses section -> Now Put your Unregistered email and verify it. That’s it Now You can Receive Payment on Both Email address and will be credited to your linked Paypal account.
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