Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything We Know About It So Far

Samsung Galaxy S11 india

According to all rumors published about the Galaxy S11 so far, Techradar has made a list of how Samsung's new flagship could hit the market. There is also a suggestions section, with cool features that the site would like to see on the device.

Galaxy S11: Published Rumors

Check out when and how it can be launched, as well as its possible price.

Specifications and Features

The S11 may be the first smartphone to feature a 5 nm chip and a new 12 GB RAM recently created by Samsung. In the US, he will probably use the Snapdragon 865. The headphone jack and Bixby button should be left out.


Since Sammy patented a handset design with a second screen on the back, this could look like the S11. A second screen on the back would eliminate the need for a front camera, as selfies would be taken with the rear camera.


Samsung Galaxy S11 camera
Source: YouTube / Techy Paradise / Playback

The S11 may feature one of the sensors that Samsung has announced this year: 48, 64 or even 108 MP. There is also a rumor that the camera has a 5x optical zoom.

For the selfie, it can either bring a sensor under the screen or repeat the built-in model, just like the S10 , only smaller and more discreet.

Release Date and Price

It is rumored that the S11 will be launched on February 18, 2020. Regarding the prices of the main variants, they should be slightly above the values ​​of the predecessor models. So the supposed S11 Lite should cost $ 850 (Expected Price in india Rs. 73,990), the standard S11 should be $ 999 and the S11 Plus $ 1,099.

Galaxy S11: What We "Want" To See

Based on specifications that other flagships already have today, Techradar made some specification suggestions that the S11 could bring:

  • Higher resolution cameras;
  • The back of the headphone jack;
  • Front camera under the screen without taking up space as the current one does;
  • Battery with a capacity really bigger than the predecessor model;
  • Chassis with more vibrant colors available;
  • 5G in cheaper variants.

While the Galaxy S11 is not enough, keep the concept video released from the channel by Techy Paradise :

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