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pptx to ppt converter
Do you want to convert a PPTX file to a PPT file? here is best ways to convert your .pptx file to .ppt without using any software. try this way to convert your PPTX to PPT file in seconds.

You may very well remember Power Point as a Microsoft program for creating and editing slideshows, software that integrates with the office package. But it was not always so. Power Point was primarily an individual program that was not part of an office suite, and was not created by Bill Gates's company. The software was created in 1987 by Forethough, Inc and acquired by the Windows giant three months later for $ 14 million.
The initial focus of the software, designed to be called Presenter, was to develop a tool that would allow the user to print slides from an Apple laser printer at the time. It eventually became software for the Mac. With Microsoft's acquisition of Forethough, the Redmond giant took the Power Point for Windows in the following years, and in 1990 came with the master card: create the office package, a software package, with Word, Excel, and Power Point. From then on the success of Power Point was absolute.

pptx to ppt converter

Obviously over the years Power Point has been renewed both in terms of interface and features. There has also been a major change from the extent to which the software works from .ppt to pptx, files that are not compatible with each other, which in many cases requires conversion so that an older version of PowerPoint can open .pptx . In this tutorial we will teach you how you can perform the conversion.


Beginning with Office 2007, Microsoft made a dramatic change in the file format used by the office suite software. Before we get into the technical aspects of what has changed it is possible to notice this change in a simple eye contact with the file extension. Previously, for example, the text file you produced in Word was saved by default in the .doc extension. With Office 2007 the file adopted .docx. Speaking specifically of PowerPoint, the focus of this story, the extension went from .ppt to .pptx .
This change caused a mismatch between file formats. You can easily open a .ppt file in newer Power Point editions but you cannot view and edit .pptx files in Power Point editions prior to Office 2007.

Microsoft at the time cited some factors for this change of file formats - smaller files (zip compression), which could be up to 75% smaller and more flexible for use with other software. With Office 365, the online version of Office, the use of XML has also brought benefits such as the autosave feature.

The x you see at the end of the extension refers to the company's XML standard, Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML). A second version of this standard was released in December 2008 and a third version in June 2011.

With the adoption of an open XML standard, the .pptx file became able to be viewed also in other software, such as Apple Keynote and Google Slides, for example.

How to convert PPTX file to PPT

From Power Point itself you can save a .pptx file as .ppt. The procedure is quite simple.

  • With your presentation open in Power Point click Save As
  • Normally define the name for your file
  • In the Format or Type session select the "PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (* .ppt)" option
  • Click save

Converting PPTX to PPT Online

Conversion can also be performed by some online services. One of the options for this purpose is the Convertio website. With it you can perform various types of conversions. The site is free but also has paid plans that guarantee multiple conversions at the same time and a larger file size.
pptx to ppt converter

To perform the conversion, all you have to do is upload your file, for example, your .pptx slideshow, and select the output format - the extension you want to transform, in this case .ppt. And click convert.
Other site options for conversion:

  • Convert Files
  • FreeFile Convert
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