Change the language of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

xiaomi mi band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 unfortunately does not have support for the Hindi or more Indian languages yet. However, if you purchased the Chinese version, you may prefer to use it in English until the Indian option is released. Thus, there are two simple methods that allow the substitution of the Signic language using only the mobile phone and apps - one for Android and one for iOS. Here's how to make the following change:
Change Mi Band 4 language on Android

Here you will need to download the Mi Bandage app  on your mobile. That done, proceed with the steps below:

1. Open the app and tap the magnifying glass to locate your smart watch model. Then turn on your phone's Bluetooth and pair it.

xiaomi mi band 4 language change android

2. Go to “Settings” and choose the English language. Try to select only one language here, otherwise you will need to restart the process. Okay, your smart bracelet will be set up.

Change smartband language through iOS

Download the AmazTools app  on your iPhone or iPad, and do the following:
1. Enable your device's bluetooth and pair the smartband. Then tap "More."

xiaomi mi band 4 language change ios

2. Slide the screen and go to the “Clock Language” option. After that select either "English" or "Spanish." The bracelet is automatically in the chosen language.

xiaomi mi band 4 language change ios

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