Send Images Through WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

whatsapp video quality loss

The WhatsApp, instant messaging most used in the world, guarantees its users a way to send multimedia file without passing through the compression process. According to the app's own data, more than 4.5 billion images are uploaded daily by its base of over 1.5 billion users, but the vast majority of these images are sent with poor quality as the user uses the default shipping mode. Go to the window of the person you want to upload, click the clip icon, and then click gallery. Choose the image and send it.

This way your image will go through the compression process, automatic mode to make the file lighter, but resulting in reduced final file quality. This compression process doesn't just happen in the images, all the multimedia files you send to this process. Regardless of the image resolution you upload WhatsApp will reduce the final file by about 30%. For those looking for the best quality for shared file this is bad, but let us not forget that WhatsApp works more broadly, dealing with a variety of connection scenarios - the final file size counts a lot! On Facebook this compression process is even more aggressive, the shared photos are of a quality well below the original file.
To send images or videos without loss of quality you will have to check another option, the file attachment. Remember that you can send whatsapp multimedia content without losing quality on both Android and iOS. Below you can see how to send images through WhatsApp without losing quality.

Sending photos or video without losing quality on Android

  1. First open WhatsApp and select the contact who will receive the file
  2. In the conversation screen, click on the clip icon, you will have access to file upload sessions
  3. Instead of clicking gallery, the traditional way of sending images, go to document
  4. Now you will have to browse through WhatsApp's internal files to choose the file to upload.
  5. Unlike the traditional mode, where the image already appears with a small preview, sending files through the attachment generates another form of preview, a box with the file name and file size.

Sending photos or videos without losing quality on iOS

In the Apple device system the procedure is slightly different

  1. Enter the photos app and click select
  2. You will now select the files you wish to upload.
  3. Swipe right and click save files
  4. Select the iCloud option and click add
  5. Now open WhatsApp and choose the person who will receive the file
  6. Tap the + icon and choose document
  7. Click explore, choose the photo or video you want to upload. If you would like to submit more than one click select
  8. Click submit

Let's take a quick example to show how the final file is compressed in WhatsApp. We went to, a free image bank with high-resolution files, and saved an image, chose one with a good dynamic range - a way to prove what WhatsApp will do with the final file. Check out the image we chose, it has 2.6 MB.

whatsapp video quality loss
before compressed

I sent this image to a friend via attachment on WhatsApp, so that the file would not be compressed, then I asked her to resubmit me in the traditional way through the gallery. The result was as follows. Below is the compressed image:

whatsapp video quality loss
after compressed

For many the difference will be seen as something that can be revealed, but if we were talking about a file that will be sent to print the final result, starting from the file shared by the WhatsApp galley, would be painful. Let's compare the properties of each file using the F-Stop gallery software.
The original image, downloaded directly from the Uplash website, has a resolution of 4928 x 3280 pixels and 2.64 MB (2,764,980 bytes) , while the same image uploaded by the WhatsApp gallery has a resolution of 1280 x 851 pixels and 0.26. MB (276,592 bytes) . A hell of a compression! The only way the file downloaded by Unsplash to be sent in its entirety was through the document attachment, which we taught above.

That's it, now that you know how to upload photos and videos without losing quality. Take a look at other interesting WhatsApp related stuff here at :
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