Best Ways to Schedlule Your Instagram Posts: The Complete Guide

In today's article we go to another relevant tip, schedule or rearrange your instagram posts. As much as you dedicate yourself to your profile, there will be times when it will not be possible to pick up your smartphone and publish new posts, either in the feed or in the stories,

One of the ways for those looking to reinforce the engagement of the profile is to be well focused in relation to the flow of publications and the intelligent way of posting. Based on information from a business account, for example, you can understand how your profile is interacting with your posts, even accessing the ideal times for the posts. It is for these reasons that having a certain didacticism in the way of publishing is so important, and, in this respect, schedule posts automates the process. With the step by step that we will show below you can schedule as many photos and videos that are directly on your profile, as the videos in the IGTV area.
A curious fact is that scheduling posts on Instagram natively is a novelty on the platform, it was only released this year. Until then, commercial profiles that seek to schedule posts had to resort to third-party solutions. Some are still very interesting, we'll talk about one of them later. In other networks, such as YouTube and Facebook, scheduling posts has been a reality for a long time.

How to schedule Instagram posts by Creative Studio

schedule Instagram posts by Creative Studio

The way Instagram natively implemented post scheduling is related to a Facebook management tool, the Creative Studio. This tool, which is a true monitoring and control panel, brings together a set of tools for publishing, managing, monetizing and measuring the content of Facebook and Instagram pages.

To start the procedure for schedule or rearrange Instagram posts the first thing we need to do is to log out of the Creative Studio page, and click start - if prompted, log in to your Facebook account.

Okay, now you're on the Creator Studio home screen. The platform has a very intuitive interface and is full of information related to the publications of its Facebook pages, such as, for example, the involvement with the posts of the posts on the Facebook page of your business.

Regarding Instagram, we need to integrate with the Creator Studio, for that you have to click on the icon that symbolizes it, located at the top of the screen, next to Facebook, and then connect to your account. When you link your account to Creative Studio you can:

  • Deal with scheduling posts;
  • Access all your content and types of publications in the content library;
  • See the performance of each publication;
  • Use filters to maintain organization;
  • Find out how people find your content.

After clicking connect your account, click OK, to perform this integration with the Creator Studio. Remember that for scheduling content you need to have a business account.

Okay, with your account linked, it will start running in Creative Studio now, and you can now start working with your scheduled publications. Start the process by clicking on the create publication button, located in the upper left corner. You can now determine if this publication will be for the profile feed if it is content related to the IGTV area.
You will now begin the normal process of publishing content on Instagram. Upload your photo or video and insert the caption and hashtags, if use is part of your planning. After the editing process is finished, click on the publish button. Instead of publishing now you will deal with the field below, programming. Now choose the date and time for that publication. In the content library you can manage your publications, such as canceling the schedule.

Schedule Instagram posts by third party software

Even with the editing of Instagram's native post programming, the use of third-party software continues to have space, mainly because the Creative Studio does not allow the scheduling of stories. Below we indicate 3 tools for you to handle the scheduling of Instagram posts.

postgrain instagram

Postgrain - this first indication can be tested for free for a while, maintaining the management of up to 2 accounts and scheduling up to 8 posts per month. The best way out is to subscribe to the service, there are 4 subscription options, varying in relation to the number of profiles that can be managed. In addition to the feed, scheduling can also be applied to story content.

Buffer - the second option is Buffer, which deals with the scheduling of posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. For Instagram, scheduling is only for feed content, stories are left out. In free mode you can link only one account and handle scheduling up to 10 posts.

Later - in addition to the desktop, management can also be performed directly by an application. The interface is very beautiful and easy to understand and in the case of free mode it is possible to manage a profile and manage up to 30 posts. Only the content of the feed can be programmed. For those who wish to pay for the service, there are plans for personal use and for large companies.
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